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The current state of epidemic emergency caused by the coronavirus makes us look for trusted and updated information. It is however impossible to keep up with the flow of incoming news, not to mention selection of key information. This is why we have prepared a digest of such information and present it in a special issue of Kraków.pl – the city’s biweekly, at this difficult time, published also in English.


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Inside you will find brief information on how the city operates in these exceptional circumstances. We have gathered the issues that are currently most important for people living in Kraków: operation of the Municipal Office, healthcare, aid to the elderly and quarantined, childcare and education, and municipal transport. In the final section we also share information about the symptoms of coronavirus infection and how to prevent such infections, and some details on quarantine and isolation, and hand hygiene. We also list emergency telephone numbers

This issue of Kraków.pl biweekly is also special as it is published only in electronic version. Can we therefore ask you kindly to print it for those who do not use online sources: perhaps your neighbours, or someone elderly you know. You can also share the link to this file, or the file itself, with friends who do not have fluent command of Polish. As many such people live in Kraków, we have translated this whole issue into English with them in mind.

Let’s protect ourselves and those around us!

"Kraków.pl" – Special Issue: Protect Ourselves and Those Around [pdf]


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Osoba publikująca: Tomasz Róg
Podmiot publikujący: Wydział Komunikacji Społecznej
Data publikacji: 2020-03-17
Data aktualizacji: 2020-03-25

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