BUNKIER SZTUKI contemporary art gallery

Plac Szczepański 3a, 31-011 Kraków


Bunkier Sztuki is a self-governing public cultural institution located in the strict centre of Kraków.

It is a contemporary art gallery, a centre of artistic experiment and a platform on which people gather, obtain and disseminate knowledge on the newest phenomena in culture, both in Poland and abroad.

Its activity revolves around current social, political and scientific ideas. It participates in an international exchange of art concepts and is an active shaper of Kraków's identity, which crosses its own boundaries and penetrates the city's public space. It uses geographic location as an important point of reference.

Bunkier Sztuki creates a platform for exchanging information and experience in the area associated with the activity of artistic circles, both local and international. It operates on the point of contact of disciplines, displaying connections between art and other domains of culture.

The gallery reaches out to the widest possible group of receivers: representatives of artistic and intellectual circles, people with different cultural competences, and local and international public. The actions it takes account for the needs of different age groups and are directed to people with a limited access to culture.

We build an art collection that is strictly related to the exhibition programme we implement. We publish critical books, children’s books and exhibition catalogues. The gallery runs Mały Klub Bunkra Sztuki club and Sztuka24h website

The building of the gallery contains a coffee shop and a bookshop. Its collection includes over 100 works created by 38 artists. Paintings. Prints. Sculptures. Films. Objects. Installations.

The gallery's collection reflects its history and the most interesting themes of contemporary Polish art.

However, we believe that our most important collection is made up of actions and experiments. We focus on young creators, audio-visual art and non-standard methods of creation. We look for new directions of development and we rely on close cooperation with artists – we encourage them to create some of their works specialy for us as their own comment on the gallery.

The collection is created with the people and for the people. Its works do not collect dust in a storeroom, but instead are the basis of further actions and a dialogue with viewers.

To us, the collection is an inspiration for a series of accompanying events – workshops, meetings with artists and professionals from various areas – during which we create an opportunity to discuss contemporary art and culture.

Bunkier's collection promotes openness, innovation and communication.

We collect both art and experience.

Our 2013 project entitled Będzie się Działo! is an experiment that presents a total shift of attitude towards the urban collection of contemporary art. It's a performance. An interactive mural. Mapping on the façade of Bunkier. A visual spectacle and a virtual diagram. We began with an assumption of a complete dematerialisation of the collection, and decided to select works whose essence is an artistic activity of interactive and participatory nature, arranged by an artist specialy for Bumkier Sztuki. The works, focused on the receiver, will be exhibited in the public space of the gallery as well as around the city and on the internet. The works which we will purchase will develop as a result of contact with their receivers, constituting an impulse for further actions that directly engage the viewer.

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Date: 2013-07-15 Show ticket
News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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