Geological Museum Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection AGH

Aleja Mickiewicza 30, 30-059 Kraków


The museum stores mementos from different periods of the university's activity.

The most valuable items are the instruments of incorporation issued by the Austrians, and mementos from universities in Leoben, Freiberg and Saint Petersburg, which were attended by the Polish during the Partitions. The gathered showpieces allow us to trace the history of the university back to its earliest days, through the times of the Nazi occupation, to the moment of its reconstruction after the end of World War II and its current dynamic development.

The largest hall of the museum contains historical models of mining and steelwork appliances from an exhibition organised on the 40th anniversary of the University of Science and Technology. The collection of melting furnaces deserves the greatest attention. It contains two blast furnaces, modelled on appliances from steelworks in Starachowice and Kraków. The museum also contains old lab equipment from the university's laboratories and machinery hall: microscopes, optical equipment, measuring appliances and weights as well as test apparatus. The oldest appliance is an Amsler machine from 1920.

There is also an exhibition devoted to the discovery made in the 60s by the founder of our museum, Professor Mieczysław Radwan and an archaeologist, Kazimierz Bielenin. The archival photographs depict the course of research conducted in the largest Roman steelworks centre in Europe from the turn of the 2nd century AD, found in the Holy Cross Mountains. Apart from the exhibition, we have also gathered a collection concerning the history of mining and the steel industry, the history of disappearing crafts (smithery, spinning and weaving as well as decorative box making), the history of ceramics and glass and the history of such inventions as the radio, telephone or calculating devices.

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