Jan Matejko's Manor in Krzesławice

ul. Melchiora Wańkowicza 25, 31-752 Krzesławice


This old Polish manor dates back to 1826, and it is currently owned by the Kraków Society of Friends of Fine Arts.

It is a typical single-storey villa with an extension, which used to contain Jan Matejko's workshop.

The whole structure is topped with wood shingles and a single porch is attached to the front, designed by Jan Matejko. The manor is surrounded by a park of 4 ha.

Since 1966, the building functions as a museum devoted to the art of Jan Matejko, and one of its rooms reminds visitors of yet another resident of Krzesławice, Hugo Kołłątaj. The permanent exhibition contains paintings and furniture associated with the life of Jan Matejko and Hugo Kołłątaj, both of whom used to live here.

The most valuable pieces of the collection are: Poczet Królów Polskich wg Jana Matejki – an art piece made by the students of L. Strojnowskiego and Z. Papieskiego, an anonymous set of pictures illustrating Niemcewicz' collection of historical and patriotic songs called Śpiewy historyczne, one of the first examples of Romanticism in Polish art. Moreover, there is furniture, paintings and every-day objects that reconstruct the ambience of the suburban manors of the Kraków intelligentsia.

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