Pharmacy Under the Eagle

Plac Bohaterów Getta 18, Kraków


The museum offers the "Chemist's shop in the Krakow ghetto" permanent exhibition, organised according to a scenario prepared by a team from the Historical Museum of Krakow, with graphic arrangement by Paweł Górecki, and financed in its entirety thanks to the generous support of Roman Polanski, who assigned the award received from the Polish Cultural Foundation for this purpose.

The Eagle Pharmacy (an Historical Museum of the City of Kraków branch), located within the limits of the former ghetto area, commemorates the Holocaust of Kraków Jews and the personage of Tadeusz Pankiewicz, a Righteous among the Nations. New permanent exhibition titled "Tadeusz Pankiewicz's Pharmacy in Kraków Ghetto" was  launched in March 2013  – in the 70th anniversary of the German liquidation of Kraków ghetto.


The exhibition script is based on the memoirs of Tadeusz Pankiewicz, the owner of the pharmacy and an eye-witness of the tragic events, published for the first time immediately after the war in his book called Apteka w getcie krakowskim (The Cracow Ghetto Pharmacy). The exhibition shall occupy all rooms of the former pharmacy and their original function shall serve as a departure for an analysis of various threads in the history of the ghetto, or of the personages of Tadeusz Pankiewicz and his staff composed of Irena Droździkowska, Aurelia Danek-Czort and Helena Krywaniuk.


Thus in the Examination Room visitors shall become acquainted with the history of the place and people; in the Emergency Prescription Room they shall discover various recipes for survival in the everyday reality of the ghetto; in the Duty Room they shall meet Tadeusz Pankiewicz, an eye-witness and chronicler of the Shoah; in the Materials Store Room they shall feel the atmosphere of the Eagle Pharmacy as a meeting place and last ditch shelter for the inhabitants of the ghetto. Finally, in the Laboratory, they shall wrestle with the post-war history of the memory and oblivion of Kraków Jews.


In 1941-1943, the staff of the Eagle Pharmacy were eye-witnesses of the destruction of the many-centuries-old history of Kraków Jews community by the German invaders. Pankiewicz and his colleagues deserve the credit for not being indifferent to human suffering, helping the needy, and for bearing witness – after the war - to the tragic events that took place in Kraków ghetto.


The new exhibition at The Eagle Pharmacy forms a part of a broader research, publishing, and educational project implemented by the MHK. A cartoon about the history of the pharmacy has already been issued; besides, a biography of Tadeusz Pankiewicz is to be compiled and a history of medical service in the ghetto worked up.


Finally, The Eagle Pharmacy forms a major component of the museum 1939-1956 Memory Trail, which is visited by several hundred thousand people from around the world every year. The project now being implemented at The Eagle Pharmacy ends the process of creating or revitalizing the exhibitions in MHK branches forming the Memory Trail. At the same time, it brings new opportunities for educational, research, and exhibition activities connected with the history of Kraków under the German occupation and in the immediate post-war period.




Date: 2013-02-19 Show ticket
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