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Kraków’s best practices

Every day Kraków takes action that inspires and has the power to drive change. We look for new solutions in our fight against COVID-19 and aspire to minimise the social and economic impact of the pandemic, but also for those that will make the development of our city as effective as possible in all areas, and the lives of its inhabitants as comfortable as they can.


In achieving these objectives, it is essential and valuable to fall back on exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice. This is why we wish to present to our international partners and all fans of Kraków the results we have achieved, as well as present innovative projects undertaken by Kraków.

Due to the nature of the current situation, many of the actions presented relate to the fight against COVID-19 and preventing the long-term effects of the pandemic. However, we do not focus solely on this topic and present ideas and projects that are universal - from different fields and aimed at different target groups. We hope that they will become a valuable resource for you and perhaps inspire you to cooperate with Kraków in new areas.

We encourage all foreign cities to share information about the innovations they have been implementing! 

Discover some of Kraków’s best practices!

Support for local business, artists and residents offered during COVID 19 pandemic by the Municipal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department:

Projects developed by Advisor to the Mayor of Kraków for Family Affairs and the Municipal Department of Social Policy and Health (Families Section):


Municipal Department of Tourism & Kraków Convention Bureau:


Advisor to the Mayor of Kraków for Senior Citizens Policy and the Municipal Department of Social Policy and Health (Senior Citizens Section):


Municipal Department of Social Policy and Health


International Projects – Department of Municipal Economy and Climate


Municipal Department of Culture and National Heritage

Municipal Department of Social Communication


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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-02-19
Last update: 2022-12-08