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Initiatives and programmes developed by Municipal Department of Social Policy and Health

Support for caregivers of disabled people – “Respite care programme” – 24-hour residence and day care is offered for people with disabilities, during which time their carers can rest and recuperate.


Project "Kraków Information and Support Centre for Carers of Incapacitated Persons" - the project aims at supporting the carers of dependent persons and assistance in crisis situations, realization of respite care, creation of an innovative all-day relieving support system for carers at their place of residence, together with the development of standards for the implementation of relieving support at their place of residence and facilitating access to information. The programme participant may use all forms of support, such as: respite care - telecare, care by a nurse, psychologist, physiotherapist, medicine doctor and the Information and Consultation Centre.


Festival of Young Artists – offers a creative space for young people, who due to sanitary restrictions were deprived of this space and the possibility to express themselves through art. Its main objective is to promote and present the skills and creativity of Krakow's youth in four categories: music, literature, visual arts and film, among others, through

- on-line lectures on culture,

- individual portfolio consultations,

- music recordings and visual arts exhibitions.


Studio Piastów 22 (opened in October 2020) - a space for young people aged 13-26, where they can meet, integrate, learn, develop their passions, and shape their civic interests and attitudes.


Other long-term projects aimed at young people in Krakow (e.g. the Hackathon of Social Projects, Krakow Academy of Self-Governance, Youth Volunteering Days and others) were implemented according to the schedule, with a modified on-line formula.


"Mali Ratownicy" (Little Rescuers) - a prevention and education project: remote first aid training offered to pupils from Krakow schools, on the basis of a contract granted with the Krakow Emergency Ambulance Service Transport for the elderly and people with disabilities to covid vaccination centres Municipal call centre on vaccination provision.


Collective quarantine centre - since March 2020 - provides the quarantine facilities necessary for the inhabitants of Krakow and the surrounding municipalities.


Interactive e-platform - serves to reduce negative effects of social isolation, protect public health and tackle health determinants, including in particular mental health. The platform: Kraków Pomaga [Kraków helps] ( is a tool facilitating life during the an epidemic time, mainly through:

- ongoing information on the epidemiological situation,

- organisation of online meetings with health specialists,

- daily publication of activities for families,

- organisation of competitions with awards,

- cooperation with municipal entities, including in the area of culture and education, in order to make available/recommend to residents on selection of films, books and activities.


Free supply of protective and disinfectant products to: nurseries, senior and civic activity centres, parents' clubs etc.

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Published: 2021-03-15
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