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Forms and tools of implementing the assumptions of municipal foreign policy

The Krakow City Council has established the following forms and tools of implementing the assumptions of local foreign policy:


Formal cooperation framework:

1) Types of agreements used by the Municipality of Krakow in the framework of international relations:

  • Twinning Agreements – cover a wide scope of issues, are based on permanent elements and emphasise cultural and historical similarities. Twinning agreements are believed to be the most advanced form of partnership and, as such, are concluded exclusively with one city in a particular country.
  • City Partnership Agreements – cover a wide scope of issues, provide for cooperation in a variety a spheres and fields interesting to both partners. Partnership agreements can be concluded with several cities in a country.
  • Honorary Twin City Title – the title can be granted by the Krakow City Council to cities from outside Europe, which exhibit the characteristics of twin cities.
  • Sectoral Agreements – agreements providing for cooperation in one particular field or sector, e.g. environmental protection, etc.

    In all agreements with foreign partners, the Municipality is referred to as the Royal Capital City of Krakow.

2) Participation in European Union programmes:

The Municipality of Krakow embarks on the implementation of EU programmes by virtue of decisions issued by the Mayor of Krakow.

3) Membership in international associations of local and regional communities:

The Municipality of Krakow joins international organizations by virtue of relevant acts of the Krakow City Council and following the approval of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Informal cooperation

  1. Cooperation without agreement. The Mayor of Krakow takes preliminary steps and launches negotiations in the field of international cooperation providing for the possibility of signing working documents such as: joint statements, declarations, protocols or letters of intent. The decision to formalize such contacts by signing any of the above-mentioned agreements, is within the sole competence of the Krakow City Council.
  2. Membership of the City of Krakow in political associations of cities which participate in the implementation of EU regional thematic programmes.

Tools enabling the implementation of municipal foreign policy:

  1. reciprocal, periodic presentations of artistic output and achievements prepared by Krakow and its partners in the framework of the so called „Days of…”. The projects are realized in cooperation with other municipal organizations and institutions, as well as diplomatic posts and business organizations;
  2. reciprocal, single and periodic international projects;
  3. conferences and congresses, including periodic partner cities’ conferences;
  4. support for Polish communities abroad;
  5. initiatives and projects implemented by the districts of Krakow and those of its foreign partners;
  6. participation in international programmes including EU programmes and Community initiatives;
  7. participation in tourism, economic and investment fairs;
  8. organization of trade missions abroad, creation of entrepreneurship forums, hosting foreign trade missions in Krakow;
  9. activities of municipal agencies abroad (Krakow House in Nuremberg, Krakow Agency in Brussels);
  10. cooperation with diplomatic posts in Poland and abroad, foreign culture institutes in Poland and Polish Institutes abroad;
  11. cooperation with the media; study tours for foreign journalists, publications in international periodicals and press;
  12. membership in international associations of cities, emphasis on cooperation with cities within the framework of already existing city networks;
  13. establishment of contacts and dissemination of information concerning international projects involving Krakow via the  Internet and other media;
  14. preparation of long-term, framework cooperation programmes;
  15. involvement of Krakow’s representatives in the EU structures.
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Published: 2011-08-31
Last update: 2020-12-01