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Heritage of the epidemics

NWS State Archives

Epidemics of infectious diseases have accompanied humanity since its beginnings. Already in the 5th century BC in Athens, and the 2nd century AD in Rome, pandemics appeared and decimated the population of Attica and the Roman Empire. Both of them also influenced the history of the areas affected by the plague: Athens have been defeated by Sparta in the war that took place at that time, and the Antonine plague is considered one of the causes of the collapse of the Roman Empire, even though pandemics occurred three centuries earlier.

Epidemics have therefore influenced the course of history more than once, and their traces can be found not only in world literature, in films, but also in the architecture of our cities. Some of the objects, memorabilia or other witnesses we are passing by every day in our cities, without being aware of their origins and functions.

The time of the COVID-19 epidemic is a time to reflect on many aspects of our lives. Let the reflections - we are striving for, the challenges - we are facing now, also be complemented by a retrospective look and a consideration that history repeats itself.

Witnesses of the dramatic pandemics that have affected our cities and countries are our heritage and may serve as a gateway to our own history. The series we launch today is a journey into the past of Krakow and its partner cities. You are encouraged to join it also in order to keep in mind that today’s difficulties and tragedies will one day become a history.








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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2020-06-10
Last update: 2020-12-01