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Resilient Culture

Bearing in mind the support of the cultural sector and creators and artists, as well as combating the effects of the pandemic, Kraków launched the action package entitled Resilient Culture in April 2020. The value of the entire package is almost PLN 12 million. The program was addressed to individual creators, animators, non-governmental organizations, institutions and representatives of the most important creative sectors.

Photo Department of Culture and National Heritage
Department of Culture and National Heritage

"Culture on the Web" competition

  • 41 projects with co-financing
  • PLN 1 million total amount of the grant

„Artistic residencies and support for creative work at home” competition           

  • 10 projects with co-financing
  • PLN 250 K total amount of the grant

„Resilient Culture Program”

  • 148 people received a scholarship
  • PLN 477,5 K total amount of awarded scholarships

The program financially strengthened the Creative Scholarship of the City of Kraków, the City of Kraków Awards and the Stanisław Wyspiański Theatre Award. What is more, the Purchase of Artwork program was implemented in the field of dance, visual and performative arts as well as grassroots – neighbourhood initiatives. It was co-organized by four municipal cultural institutions: Dworek Białoprądnicki Culture Centre, Podgórze Culture Centre, Krakow Culture Forum and the Nowa Huta Culture Centre. As many as 90 projects with a total amount of PLN 222,85 K were selected under the program. Detailed information on the „Resilient Culture” program can be found HERE.

RESILIENT CULTURE is cooperation, solidarity, mutual support and dialogue in the sphere of culture.

The city of Kraków has also created additional facilities for artists, non-governmental oganizations and enterprises operating in the field of culture, including support in the reduction or extension of rents and other charges related to the rental or lease of municipal premises. What is more, activities are continued in the field of programs for the development of the cultural sectors and creative industries, such as the Program for Festivals, Music, Art, Film and Audiovisual Production or the Heritage City Management Plan.

The support programme has been renewed by the City of Kraków for 2021. The "Resilient Culture 2.0" programme is a continuation of the previous forms of activity, as well as further important initiatives integrating the cultural sector. The call for applications for the competition Creative Scholarships of the City of Kraków and Resilient Culture Scholarships is in progress, and the Purchase of Artwork programme has been launched, addressed to people from the creative and artistic community whose financial situation has significantly deteriorated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Published: 2021-03-30
Last update: 2021-03-30