Arrival and climate

Arrival and climate

It is not difficult to come to Kraków, as it has always been situated at the crossing of important trade routes, the point of contact between cultures and political influences, and today is considered as the key tourist destination in Poland. The network of railway, road and air connections and the Balice Airport which is the second airport in Poland in terms of size and number of passengers – all this causes that Kraków is one of the most accessible cities in this part of Europe.

One’s stay in Kraków can be varied not only due to the selection of visited historical sites, offered attractions or accommodation but also due to weather, day of the week and season of the year (in winter the temperature in Poland sometimes drops below ‑20°C, while in the summer the heat often exceeds 30°C). Kraków is the capital of Małopolska, an upland and partially mountains region with many health, recreation and agritourism resorts. A visit to the City can be easily combined with rest in the mountains in both summer and winter.

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