Józefa Street

ul. Józefa, Kraków

Previously known as Żydowska – Jewish, the street owes its current name to the Austrians honouring Emperor Joseph II, who stayed in the Wojewodziński Mansion at one end during his visit to Kraków.

Today, the street is primarily known for its artistic atmosphere: this is where plenty of art galleries, antique shops, cafés, and souvenir shops have opened. Its end is graced by the High Synagogue built in the 16th century, which owes its name to the unusually placed upstairs prayer room. Badly devastated in the Swedish Deluge in the 17th century and in the Second World War, its premises were used by the PKZ heritage conservation company and it has recently returned to the Jewish community. Made available to visitors, it has become a venue for concerts, meetings, and exhibitions.

Date: 2017-05-29 Show ticket
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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