DF Dance Theatre

ul. Białoprądnicka 3, 31-910 Kraków

The DF Dance Theatre has operated in Krakow since 1990.It is managed by Katarzyna Skawińska and Mariola Kleczkowska. In its work, the group passes the classical ballet arrangements, building their own vision of movement. The compositions presented by dancers prove that they feel equally good in poetic images pervaded with the language of symbol and metaphors and in dance shows. The mastering of one's own physical plane lets the dancers forget their bodies and concentrate on what the body is to express, building up the aura of theatrical mystery.

The operation of the DF Dance Theatre continues within the structures of Youth Culture Centre at Grunwaldzka 5.

The artistic achievements of the DF Dance Theatre are imposing; during the eleven years of her artistic activity, Katarzyna Skawińska has created nearly 30 choreographies of varying themes and character.

The group performed in Kalisz, Bytom, Gdańsk, Szczecin, Warsaw, and Kraków. This rich collection must be broadened further by adding foreign tours under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and the Department of Education of the Municipality of Krakow to festivals held in Switzerland and Germany, and to the Days of Krakow in Lwow. The awards won include the honourable mention for special artistic value (Kalisz, 1993), first prizes for the choreographer in Szczecin at 4th Szczecin Dance Meetings, twice running for the choreographer and group at the International Predentations of Dance Forms in Kalisz.

The group has often performed with renown Polish ballet teams during Evenings with the DF Dance Theatre and at guest performances all over Poland, appeared at Krakow Ballet Meetings, Krakowskie Zaduszki Jazzowe and Krakow Ballet Spring. The DF Dance Theatre cooperated with RMF FM independent radio broadcasters on the organisation of Winter Olympic Games FM in Zakopane.

The work of the group became the subject of a monographic exhibition of Aleksandra Skura's photographs. The DF Dance Theatre took part in a programme of Lidia Jazgar - the televised version of Galician Evenings with the Song in the Pełna Kultura (Full Culture) series, and had a TV documentary devoted to its operation in 1998 (TV Kraków, part of the Kariery - Bariery series).

Traditionally, the group performs in spring Premiere Concerts held in Nowohuckie Culture Centre, where the theatre presents its new choreographic arrangements.

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News author: Karol Róg
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