Podgórze Culture Centre

ul. Sokolska 13, 30-510 Kraków

Established in 1984, the Culture Club has occupied its present seat at ul. Krasickiego 18/20 since 1992. The Club is involved in lively educational and cultural operation which finds patrons not only among the inhabitants of the district of Podgórze but also among residents of the whole city of Krakow. The Culture Club organises numerous major concerts and open-air events so much loved by the people of Krakow. The Podgórze Culture Centre assumed the organisational care over the Rękawka Festivity - a traditional holiday celebrated since times immemorial on the Third Day of Easter.

Every year, the Podgórska Jesień Kulturalna (Podgórze Autumn of Culture) covers a series of exhibitions, concerts and theatre productions. The culmination point of the whole project is the Powitanie Jesieni (Welcoming of Autumn) - a whole-day-long open-air event concluding in a picturesque fireworks show. This is also the day and place for the citizens of Krakow to meet and discuss their views with representatives of the Municipal Authorities of the City.

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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