Ars - Cinema Centre

ul. Świętego Tomasza 11, 31-018 Kraków


The cinema has been operating since 1916 and at the beginning of its existence it had 400 seats.

In the interwar period it screened a number of foreign films, such as Lightplay: Black/White/Gray by László Moholy-Nagy, Thunderbolt by Josef von Sternberg and one act of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene. The cinema operated throughout World War II. After the war, it changed its name to Sztuka ("art"). It was closed down in 1980 for an overhaul, but its activity was never resumed.

In 1989, the building was recovered by private owners. On the 30th April 2012, the cinema ceased to exist, as the contract of lease expired without being extended. This was caused by the fact that the owners of the building had raised the rent twice. At that time, James Hopkin from The Guardian stood up for the discontinued cinema. The decision concerning the cinema's future was made on the 7th May 2012; until then, the cinema had functioned undisturbed. After those events, the cinema has had five screens and over 300 seats. The screen on the ground floor is to be taken over by another lessee.

Date: 2013-07-15 Show ticket
News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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