The Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences

ul. Sławkowska 17, Kraków

Founded in 1856 as the Library of the Krakow Scientific Society, the library has ever since collected foreign publishing series, scientific periodicals, manuscripts, old prints, and maps. In 1873, it was granted the status of the official library of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, renamed the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU) after Poland gained independence in 1918. In 1953, the Library together with all the other assets of PAU were taken over by the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN). In 1954, also the PAU Prints Rooms was incorporated. After its reinstatement (1989), PAU claimed its former property back. Following a few years' negotiations between the authorities of the two Academies, on 20th October, 1999, an agreement was reached to institute the Academic Library of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Polish Academy of Sciences in Krakow. Since 1st January, 2000, this library has been under direct control of the PAU. The statutory mission of the PAU/PAN Library and the principal duties of its personnel are, on the one hand, to research and provide access to its resources and, on the other hand, to promote the collection and organise exhibitions. Since 1955, the results of the Library's research have been published regularly in the Rocznik Biblioteki Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Krakowie, and since the year 2000, Rocznik Biblioteki Polskiej Akademii Umiejętności i Polskiej Akademii Nauk w Krakowie, with forty-four volumes published to date. Other publications include a catalogue of parchment diplomas (parts 1-3), catalogues of manuscripts (published regularly since 1962, with thirteen volumes published to date), and of prints (three volumes since 1987). The library has successfully cooperated with the International Cultural Centre at arranging four major exhibitions of prints, each accompanied by a catalogue: Francesco Bartolozzi (1995); Masterpieces of the 15th and 16th Century Print (1997); Rembrandt, Rubens Et Al. (1999), Hogarth and His Century (2001).

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News author: Weronika Dulowska
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