Galicja Jewish Museum

ul. Dajwór 18, 31-052 Kraków


The seat of the museum is located in Kazimierz – the former Jewish quarter – in the building of and old furniture factory, whose renovated interior gives this place a unique character.

Nearly 1000 square metres of the museum contains 4 exhibition halls, a café, a bookshop and an education room with the Multimedia Resource Centre. This allows the museum to organise concerts, performances, lectures, seminars and other cultural events other than exhibitions.

The purpose of the Galicia Jewish Museum is not only to commemorate the Holocaust victims, but also the whole Jewish culture, which has existed within the historical and geographic borders of the region of Polish Galicia. Through education, the museum tries to fight stereotypes and misconceptions concerning the common Polish and Jewish history, and at the same time encourage people to think about the future of Polish-Jewish relations.

The heart of the museum contains a permanent display of photography called Traces of Memory. For 12 years, a British photographer, Chris Schwarz, and Professor Jonathan Webber (UNESCO Chair of Jewish and Interfaith Studies, University of Birmingham, UK) travelled around villages and towns in the south of Poland documenting the traces of Jewish life and culture. Their travels gave rise to a simple yet thought-provoking photographic exhibition that raises the question of Jewish heritage in Poland. Apart from the permanent exhibition, over the last few years the museum also prepared and housed a dozen or so other temporary exhibitions, such as Hitler's List and Polish Heroes: those who saved Jews, Quest for Dignity: Jewish Resistance Movement in Kraków, March 1968 in Kraków press and Letters to Salah. The life of a young woman in Nazi labour camps.

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