Izaak Synagogue

ul. Kupa 16, Kraków

The synagogue was funded by the senior of the Kazimierz Qahal, Izaak Jakubowicz (Ayzik Jekeles), who obtained a permit for its construction from King Władysław IV on the 30th April 1638. Its construction was finished in 1644, resulting in the largest and most splendidly furnished synagogue in Kazimierz. Its vast interior was topped with a barrel vault with lunettes, richly adorned with geometric stucco ornaments.

In the common space it contained a high men's section (12 x 16.9 m) and – over the western vestibule – a women's gallery, considered the most impressive of the existing interiors in Kraków. The present shape of the external stairs leading to the gallery was formed in 1924. There used to be a vast square in front of the synagogue, which contained a fish market in 1939, which was a characteristic and frequently photographed element of the landscape of the Jewish district in Kazimierz. Since 1997, access to the synagogue is granted to the citizens of Kraków and tourists alike, enabling them to see archive films about the life of Jews in pre-war Kraków and about their extermination during World War II.

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