Tenement house at 29 Radziwiłłowska Street

ul. Radziwiłłowska 29, Kraków

When Wisława was six years old, the Szymborski family moved to Krakow, where she came to live in a smart tenement house at Radziwiłłowska Street, which the father of the future poet, Wincenty Szymborski, purchased. The Szymborski family occupied a six-room flat on the first floor. ”Large, high rooms, stuccoes on the ceiling, period furniture, carpets, and the piano – a typical apartment of intelligentsia of gentry origin. There was no separate bathroom, but a bathtub was installed in the kitchen. The girls occupied one room, their nanny lived in a servant’s room which was accessed by the stairs leading from the hall.” (Anna Bikont, Joanna Szczęsna, Pamiątkowe rupiecie. Biografia Wisławy Szymborskiej, Wydawnictwo Znak 2012).
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