WALK 2: The Old City

ul. Floriańska, Kraków

The layout of the Old Town is the main factor responsible for the atmosphere of Kraków. The locals and aficionados consider that only the space locked within the Planty ring constitutes the true centre. Whichever way you follow the Planty municipal garden from the Barbican, you’ll reach Wawel Hill at its end. It replaced the walls defending the city which weredemolished in the 19th century. The relatively small area within this ring, not exceeding 1500m (1 mile) in length and 800m (0.5 mile) in width, with nearly every building belonging to our historic heritage, boasts around a dozen churches, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, and bookshops (including second-hand) by the tens, hundreds of cafés, restaurants and pubs, and whole streets of shops. Tourists, often only familiar with this limited space offering such a density of sights are often surprised by the sheer size of metropolitan Kraków with its population of nearly 1.5 million, while a population of 800,000 live within the administrative limits of the city itself.

On the other hand, the limited space in the centre greatly helps when visiting. The longest straight line that can be delineated within the Planty garden ring is just about the length of the Royal Route – the oldest and perhaps the best-known and most famous tourist route. It follows the course of royal entrances into the town, coronations, funerals, and processions, leading from St Florian’s Church in Matejki Square, through St Florian’s Gate, across the Main Market Square, down Grodzkaand Kanonicza streets, to Wawel Hill with its Royal Castle and Cathedral. Following this route, a tourist can see the most exceptional and stately locations in the city. This is almost Kraków in a nutshell.

Date: 2013-06-06 Show ticket
News author: Weronika Dulowska
News Publisher: Portal główny EN
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