Krakó mobile application

Krakow now has its very own mobile app! It is Krakow's first official application addressed to all users of Android phones and iOS. The up-to-date urban guide can be downloaded and installed for free at the Google Play store or at Krakow's website.

Krakó mobile application
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Application works offline once it has downloaded data. Thanks to this feature, the users can decide to make updates any time, at no additional cost for data transfer.

The app guide to Krakow includes six sections:

PRACTICAL INFORMATION – the section covers all basic information about the city, such as telephone numbers of hospitals and pharmacies or addresses of tourist information points. The section helps to move around Krakow, choose a restaurant or a hotel.

VISIT KRAKOW - here users will find descriptions of tourist routes, information on Krakow's major sights, as well as contact details, opening hours and short presentations of local cinemas, museums, galleries and theatres.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS - a calendar of current cultural events such as concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions or outdoor events.

MUNICIPAL TRANSPORT – here one can find invaluable information for all those traveling around Krakow. The section covers updated bus and tram timetables, information on the Krakow Municipal Card (Krakowska Karta Miejska), ticket prices as well as a map of KKM vending machines and parking zones.

NEWS – the section covers all new information published at, including news concerning temporary traffic obstructions and major stroies from around town.

MAP OF KRAKOW - a clear and easy to read map of Krakow, which, with the help of GPS, will lead you straight to your chosen destination.

The application is available in English.

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1. The usage of the Application takes place solely on the responsibility of the User. The Creators of the Application will not be held responsible for any violation of the currently standing law by the User through the improper usage of their work.

2. The Creators of the Application will not be held responsible for any possible risks and losses resulting of its usage.

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