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City of Vienna International Offices

Address: Mikołajska 4, 31-027 Kraków



Krzysztof Nowak


Since 1996, the company has been responsible for the sustainable positioning of Vienna abroad, since April 2023 under the name "International Offices of the City of Vienna", a brand of Wien Holding. On behalf of the City of Vienna, it operates in nine offices in Central and Southeast Europe (Belgrade, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow, Ljubljana, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia and Zagreb) and – based in Vienna – coordinating the cooperation with these cities.

The main goals of "International Offices of the City of Vienna" are to breathe further life into Vienna as a hub in the heart of Europe and to promote increased dialogue and exchange. Europe has to be transformed from an economic and currency union into a social, cultural and environmental union. That means maintaining the autonomy of cities and municipalities in the field of services in the general interest.

"International Offices of the City of Vienna" particularly supports the City in further raising Vienna's profile by employing all available tools of communication. Vienna is positioned as a cosmopolitan and cultural metropolis, as a model for sustainable development and social justice. The main challenge is to provide and further elaborate state-of-the art communication tools for politicians, the administration, the City's business undertakings, cultural and other institutions. We lay the foundation for productive cross-border dialogue in the fields of politics, culture and administration, thus providing opportunities to define and launch successful common projects. We want to ensure the timely realization of opportunities and risks.

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News author: Izabela Haupt
News Publisher: Kancelaria Prezydenta