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European Cities Marketing

European Cities Marketing
Head Office
29 D rue de Talant
21000 Dijon

tel : +33 380 56 02 04
fax : +33 380 56 02 05

European Cities Marketing - ECM:

European Cities Marketing is an organization established on 1 January 2007. It was formed as a so-called "strong brand" promoting the associated tourist and congress cities of Europe (134 large cities from 32 countries), as a result of the fusion of two other organizations: ETC (European Cities Tourism) and EFCT (European Federation of Conference Towns). The organization facilitates the exchange of information (e.g. an Intranet for ECM members) and experiences connected with tourism among the member cities of the association. It also favours the development of new projects which tighten contacts and cooperation among the Cities. ECM operates by means of specialized teams (groups) responsible for communication and PR, statistics and research in tourism, city cards project and information about the member cities using modern information technologies. As part of the organization, two bodies operate: the "Leisure" forum concerning affairs and themes originally taken up by ETC and the "Convention" forum concerning affairs and themes originally taken up by EFCT.

By Resolution of the Krakow City Council no. XLIV/412/04 dated 14 April 2004 a decision concerning the accession of Krakow to European Cities Marketing was adopted. Pursuant to the Act on the principles of accession of local government units to international associations of local and regional communities dated 15 September 2000, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland issued, on 16 July 2004, his consent for Krakow to join the organization. After having transformed ETC into ECM, Krakow expressed interest in joining the new organization; however, the city actively takes part in the work of only one Forum - the one connected with tourism.

Coordination of cooperation:

The City Marketing and Tourism Bureau is the coordinator of Krakow's participation in the organization's activities.

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