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The Hanseatic League

Bürgermeister der Hansestadt Lübeck
D-23539 Lübeck

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The Hanseatic League:

The Hanseatic League was an alliance of trading cities supporting each other in the business area operating in the Middle Ages and at the beginning of the modern era. The so-called Hansa League of New Time (the Hansa), a modern revival of the old organization, was established in 1980 in Zwolle (the Netherlands). At present it comprises 173 cities from 15 countries (mainly from Germany, but also from Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Poland). The Hansa is the world's largest voluntary alliance of cities. The objective motivating the founders of this League was, above all, to develop tourism and trade in member cities. The Hansa organizes meetings in one of its member cities every year ("Hansa Days"). This is a great occasion for promotion and establishing contacts in various domains. The most important body of the League is the Hanseatic League Convention in which delegates of each member city participate. Delegates are entitled to introduce changes to the statutes, exclude and accept new members and choose the Presidium among other activities. The Presidium of the League is composed of: the President (always Lord Mayor of Lübeck) and four members from at least three countries. Another body of the League is the Commission of Hansa, consisting of representatives of five German cities and one representative from each member city. All Hanseatic authorities are chosen for a three-year term.

By Resolution of the Krakow City Council no. LXXVIII/678/01 dated 23 May 2001 a decision concerning accession of Krakow to the Hanseatic League was adopted. Pursuant to the Act on the principles of accession of local government units to international associations of local and regional communities dated 15 September 2000, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland issued, on 15 October 2001, his consent for Krakow to join the Hanseatic League. By Resolution no. 920/2002 of the Management Board of the City of Krakow dated 27 June 2002 the Statutes of Hansa was adopted and the City of Krakow became a full member of the League. The benefits resulting from the fact that Krakow is a member city of this organization are the promotion of the city during annual conventions and opportunity of making business and cultural contacts (during each convention there is an economic forum with the participation of foreign companies and many cultural events).

Coordination of cooperation:

The City Marketing and Tourism Bureau is the coordinator of Krakow's participation in the organization's activities.

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