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The Mirror of our History is in the World Heritage Cities - Banská Štiavnica 2018


Project of the member cities of the Central and Eastern European Region of the OWHC – international school program. The aim of the project was to continue the previous international cooperation among World Heritage cities belonging to the Central and Eastern European Region of the OWHC Banská Štiavnica (SVK), Budapest (HU), Cracow (PL) and Kutná Hora (CZ), with the intention to include another WH city – Český Krumlov (CZ).

Schedule of the project:

December 2016 – January 2017 – invitation for the project - choosing the participating schools
February 2017 – postponing of the project to 2018
February 2018 - preparatory meeting in Banská Štiavnica: participants: teachers, coordinators from the participating cities, regional coordinator of CEER, world heritage experts – preparation the seminar program in May
February – May 2018 – preparation in the schools
May 2018 – project implementation in Banská Štiavnica

Program for the school year 2017/2018:

International educational seminar in Banská Štiavnica for 4 day in May 2018 for the primary schools from Banská Štiavnica, Budapest, Kutná Hora, Krakow
Český Krumlov was invited and supposed to participate but finally cancelled its participation


4 pupils (up to 13 years old) and 1 teacher from each participating city
1 project coordinator from each participating city
2 experts
coordinator of the CEER OWHC

Objectives of the project:

In accordance with the goals of UNESCO Young People´s World Heritage Education Program and OWHC Youth School Programs the objectives of the project are:

  • to encourage young people to become involved in heritage conservation on the local and global level
  • to promote awareness among young people of the importance of preservation of architectural and cultural heritage by means of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention and the OWHC
  • to develop new and effective educational approaches, methods and materials
  • to increase knowledge about tangible and intangible heritage of participating cities and establish cultural ties among participant in order to understand and respect various cultures
  • to help to establish a network for future cooperation on the regional and international level
  • to try to show a new way of cooperation to other cities to be able to follow the example of this project

Preliminary cost of the project: 7100 CAD

Program of the seminar:

SUNDAY 13 May 2018

arrival of participants, accommodation in the Private Hotel Academy, dinner Gallery Restaurant, ice-breaking activities.

MONDAY 14 May 2018

8:30  breakfast (Private Hotel Academy)
9:30  Mayor´s welcome in the Wedding Hall
9:45  participating cities presentations (15 minutes each) – Town Hall
11:00  break
11:15  World Heritage presentation – Dr. Katalin Kiss
12:00  lunch (Black M Restaurant)
13:00  activities in Terra Permonia
16:00  free time in the town centre
18:00  dinner (Meštianska Pizzeria)
19:30  mutual free time activities

TUESDAY 15 May 2018

8:30  breakfast (Private Hotel Academy)
9:30  heritage games (Private Hotel Academy)
12:00  lunch (Private Hotel Academy)
13: 30 guided walk in the town centre (guided by students of A. Kmeť Grammar School) and “Little Workshop” and gold panning (Kammerhof)
15:30  free time in the town centre
18:00  dinner  (Gallery Restaurant)
19:30  mutual free time activities

WEDNESDAY 16 May 2018

8:30    breakfast (Private Hotel Academy)
10:00  Geoclub – experience mining
12:45  lunch in the Jozef Horák Primary School
13:30  heritage games and floorball  - Jozef Horák Primary School
18:00  dinner in the Private Hotel Academy (outside)
19:30  mutual free time activities

THURSDAY 17 May 2018

8:30  breakfast (Private Hotel Academy)

participant departures

Report on the project on the website of the Primary  School no 109 in Krakow




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Author: Agata Mierzyńska
News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2018-07-17
Last update: 2020-12-02