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Kraków ranked by Tripadvisor

London, Crete, Rome... and also Kraków! Our city has once again found itself among the most popular European destinations in 2022. This is according to the latest Travellers' Choice 2022 rating, organised by the globally recognised Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor rating
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Tripadvisor is one of the most popular services for international travellers. It offers recommendations by tourists to help us choose the trip destination and find the greatest attractions in the chosen place. Reviews cover hotels, restaurants, monuments, beaches or mountain views. Based on the travellers' reviews, every year the website rates the most interesting places to visit worldwide. What destinations were considered the most popular this year?

Travellers' Choice 2022 – Popular Destinations – Europe

The number one destination in Europe is London, followed by the Greek island of Crete in second place and Rome in third. The list includes 25 places, and in 24th place there is Kraków, as the only Polish city in the ranking.

Why do tourists choose Kraków?

Wawel Castle, Main Market Square, St. Mary's Church and Kazimierz are just some of the most interesting sights worth seeing here. This place shows unique heritage, richness of history and architecture. TripAdvisor also appreciates the city for its culinary qualities, highlighting that in 2019 Kraków was awarded the title of European Capital of Gastronomic Culture.

City of festivals

According to Tripadvisor, around 100 festivals and other international events take place in Kraków every year. Undoubtedly, this is one of the greatest assets influencing how attractive a holiday spent here is.

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Published: 2022-01-28
Last update: 2022-02-16

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