Peep through the keyhole

Peep through the keyhole
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Global coronavirus epidemic has posed new challenges and priorities, but has also strengthened the sense of international solidarity, the need for people-to-people contact and a strong desire to return to normal!

Guided by the prospect of a better tomorrow - a future without epidemics – cities around the world reopen further sectors of local social and economic life. And while the borders of many of the countries still remain closed, missing the rest of the world we tentatively begin to plan our future business and holiday trips, which we will complete once they are reopened.

While Krakow is looking forward to the return of tourists (#KrakowWillWait) we would like to encourage you to get to know our partner cities better!

Peep through the keyhole, fall in love with their beauty and plan your future dream travels!

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News author: Izabela Haupt
News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
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