Let culture on-line - new proposals

Museums, theaters, and cultural centers, although closed to visitors, have not suspended their activities. They moved to the net. Time spent at home can also be a time of interesting cultural activities, which Krakow institutions look after.

Let culture on-line - new proposals
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Cultural institutions, although formally closed, do not forget about their recipients and propose various initiatives in the on-line version. Without leaving your home, you can safely participate in cultural activities accessible via the Internet.

Krakow theaters

  • The Groteska Theater proposes the "Catch the Grotesque on the Web" campaign and invites all children to special online meetings. Every day at noon, the most popular songs from performances played in the Groteska are placed on the theater website, while this coming Friday, 20 March, the theater will perform "The Ugly Duckling" on the motifs of H. Ch. Andersen, directed by Beata Pejcz.
  • The BARAKAH Theater turned into BARAKAH online as part of the # StayAtHome campaign - on the Internet we can see archival theater performances, episodes of the theater and the "Vanilla Mice Nights" cabaret series as well as materials created during rehearsals for the premiere of "Other People" directed by Maciej Gorczyński. Chochla Literacka, a literary cabaret and cyclically performed Wednesday musical meetings: Folk Session and Rhythmic Barakah - have been transferred to the BARAKAH Theater network - you can participate in them via Facebook.
  • Łaźnia Nowa took care of theater lovers by sharing "The Case by Krzysztof Kieślowski" directed by Bartosz Szydłowski.
  • The Krakow Variété Theater provides fragments of performances, songs, sketches and interviews with actors and creators on social media.

Cultural Centers

Krakow's cultural centers publish tips on the Internet on how to spend time creatively without leaving home. The youngest residents of Krakow will find a lot of inspiration on the profiles of cultural centers.

It is worth looking at the profiles of individual culture centers and taking advantage of the offers of, among others: the Podgórze Culture Center, Dworek Białoprądnicki Culture Center or joining the # StayAtHome in Nowa Huta campaign - the Krakow-Nowa Huta Culture Center offers, among others, daily reading of cartoons for children with the Dukat Club, kitchen madness with the Versailles Club, hints on how to do something out of nothing with Club 303 and creative suggestions of the Concord Club for the time spent with children.

In turn, the Culture Center Library of Polish Song invites you to browse the catalog of collections, use the online rental service of Liberetto and look into the Digital Library of Polish Song.

Krakow museums

Without leaving the house, we can also visit the Virtual Museums of the Malopolska Region, where you will find more than 1000 digitized objects from 42 Malopolska Region museums. There are 3D and 2D exhibits, texts dedicated to them, as well as audio materials for the blind and visually impaired people as well as recordings in the audio description technique.

Services full of culture

When planning virtual participation in cultural life, it is also worth considering the rich multimedia library offer of the National Audiovisual Institute. Documentary and feature films, reportages, animations, experimental films, records of theater and opera performances, concert recordings, reports documenting cultural and social life as well as radio programs - a total of over several thousand audio and video materials can be played at: www.ninateka.pl.

Good time to read

In the city of literature we should, of course, not forget about books. This can be a good time to catch up on reading. The Krakow Library reminds us of access to the Wolne Lektury [Free Reading List] digital library, in which you can find classic Polish and world literature. E-books and audiobooks from Wolne Lektury can be read online or downloaded for free on any device. You can also use the IBUK Libra virtual reading room - you can ask for a password for remote login by e-mail at the library branch where you usually borrow books, additional information can be found on the Krakow Library website. The digital collections of the POLONA National Library are also an additional option. This is currently one of the largest digital libraries in Europe, which offers three million digital objects - books, magazines, manuscripts, old prints, we can also find maps, drawings, graphics, photographs, postcards and notes there.

Check, follow profiles, participate

These are only selected cultural proposals. The list of possibilities is constantly growing, because individual institutions are working on invitations to more ventures in which you can participate at home.

The websites of Krakow, national and international cultural institutions, as well as their profiles on social media are filled with proposals of cultural initiatives in which you can participate via the Internet. Let's use them, let culture online enter your home.

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