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Be a tourist in your own city

The City of Krakow has launched an information and social campaign aimed at supporting the local tourism market. BE TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY – EXPLORE KRAKOW is a social campaign addressed to all the inhabitants of Krakow, whose main goal is to support local businesses.

Photo Krakow Festival Office
Krakow Festival Office

„Krakow has been the most recognisable Polish urban brand in the world for years, and studies say that around 10% of Krakow’s residents base their business on tourism and related services. That is why it is so important for Krakow to gradually and carefully restore its tourism market,” says Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski.

In addition to government programmes that will be or are already being implemented, but also its own programmes, such as the "Program Pauza" or "Kultura Odporna", the City of Krakow supports the activities of local businesses. To help rebuild the tourism market in Krakow, the City of Krakow has developed a new concept, changing the perception of who the tourist in Krakow is. 


The campaign is divided into three areas, which are linked by the slogan BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY. The first area called OPEN EVENTS invites all residents of Krakow to rediscover the city. Specifically to meet their needs, sightseeing routes have been updated so that they can see the most beautiful places, monuments and attractions, as well as take advantage of the offer of entrepreneurs who pay taxes in Krakow. Theme walks in the area of literature, music, film, crafts, handicrafts, places of remembrance, and Krakow's history are led by professional guides, enthusiasts, artists, activists and writers. At the same time, various open cultural and social events take place, such as: drive-in cinemas, picnics, small concerts. Everything is prepared in accordance with safety procedures.

The second area of the BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY campaign involves all kinds of WORKSHOPS. There are several hundred companies, institutions, people who run interesting, substantive and diverse workshops in Krakow. Thanks to this, at a small cost, the residents of Krakow can learn something new, broaden their knowledge and skills and spend their time with families and friends in an attractive way, while local entrepreneurs can start to function and run their businesses normally. This is a way to restart the local economy also in the area of tourism.

The third area of the campaign are activities based on SHARING VIDEO MATERIALS AND VIDEOS from workshops, walks and open events on their social media with hashtags #badzturystawswoimmiescie and #zwiedzajkrakow. With this action Krakow wants to show the whole world, which uses social media, that it is alive, open, welcoming and prepared to return to the new reality. Everything will be accompanied by numerous competitions conducted on Instagram profile Bądź turystą and Facebook profile Bądź turystą w swoim mieście Zwiedzaj Kraków. Photos and videos of the residents are also available there. Thanks to this, all residents can explore Krakow together.

All entrepreneurs, institutions, companies, activists, artists and generally residents of Krakow who are interested in cooperating in this social campaign are asked to contact the Krakow Festival Office, which is the operator of the whole action. Dedicated e-mail addresses have been set up to send applications:


Interested parties should select an e-mail address appropriate to the proposed action and send their application.


Each e-mail expressing willingness to receive materials regardless of the area of interest should contain: 

  • name of the entity (company, institution, NGO, private person);
  • action proposal (it should contain no more than 700 characters with spaces; a link to a video and photos may also be attached: maximum 2 photos in jpg format, not exceeding 1 MB each - due to the nature of the campaign promotional offers and discounts are recommended - in case of paid actions);
  • address, name and surname of the contact person;
  • telephone number and e-mail address;
  • consent to the processing of personal data (please print your consent, sign it and send a scan or photo of your signed consent)

NOTE: Due to the expected high interest in the action, we kindly ask for your patience; the coordinators of the individual areas will successively read all the residents' proposals and provide materials promoting the action. Each message will be analyzed with due attention.


•    The campaign is not addressed to entities operating in the field of sex-shop outlets, go-go nightclubs offering exotic dance, striptease, etc., gambling entities without the required permit (licence), activities consisting in trading in designer drugs and other such substances of natural or synthetic origin acting on the central nervous system in a manner similar to that of psychotropic and intoxicating substances and non-food substitutes.
•    The received campaign branding materials may only be used in connection with and for the purposes of the BE A TOURIST IN YOUR OWN CITY - EXPLORE KRAKOW campaign.


promotional materials:

information and consent to the processing of personal data [PDF]

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News author: Izabela Haupt
News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN

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