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Krakow speaks out against discrimination of LGBT+ community

- I believe that the people of Kraków should not bear the consequences of decisions, mainly of a political nature, taken by the regional authorities, which discriminate against the LGBT+ community. - Writes Jacek Majchrowski in a letter to the European Commission. The Mayor of Kraków wants an individual assessment of the city's activities on behalf of LGBT+ people, independent of the decisions made by the authorities of the Małopolska voivodeship.

Kraków Main Square - Adam Mickiewicz Statue
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"To exclude our city from the opportunity to benefit from EU fund and other instruments would be highly unfair to us, and could shake our conviction in European Union's support to our efforts focused on promoting openness and mutual respect." - the mayor continues in the letter sent to the European Commission.

The mayor reminded that "no zone of exclusion has been, nor will be established in Kraków," and that Kraków's local government is a body that "manages its affairs independently, taking action and solving problems with a view to meeting the needs of all residents. The autonomy allows the city authorities to make independent decisions without supervision of regional authorities," it reads.

Jacek Majchrowski also refers to Krakow's previous efforts to increase tolerance and acceptance. In 2019, an Equal Treatment Council was established, composed of representatives of universities, associations and communities working for equality, as well as representatives of the municipality. In turn, in October 2020, the mayor appointed an Advisor for Equality. In July 2020, the Mayor issued an address to the citizens of Kraków, stressing that he opposes hate speech and discrimination against LGBT+ people and will, above all, protect and uphold equal rights guaranteed by the Polish Constitution.

It is worth reminding the fact that the Municipality of Kraków, as well as other municipal institutions, are actively involved in the organisation of many events and projects on equality issues, such as the "Maj Równości" [May Equality Festival], the Open Kraków programme, and the ICORN programme providing asylum for persecuted artists. Last year, as part of its co-operation with and financial support for the Queerowy May Association, the city investigated the situation of LGBT+ people in Kraków's secondary schools. An analysis of anti-discrimination policies in educational institutions was also carried out. And this year the Mayor assumed honorary patronage of the Equality March [Marsz Równości], which passed through the streets of the city in August.

  • Mayor of Kraków's letter to European Commission – Equality and Regional Funds [pdf]
  • Mayor's address to Krakovians – Equality [pdf]



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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-09-09
Last update: 2021-10-28

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