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Nina Gabryś becomes mayor’s advisor for equality policy

Nina Gabryś assumed the post of Advisor to the Mayor of Kraków on Equality Policy on 11 January 2021.

Photo Agnieszka Fiejka
Agnieszka Fiejka

Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski has accepted the results of the competition for the position of mayor’s advisor for equality policy won by Nina Gabryś.

Nina Gabryś has a degree in humanities and is a historian. She has been cooperating with multiple organisations dealing with equality issues for many years. She was a co-founder and vice-president of the Sto Lat Głosu Kobiet Association (A hundred Years of Women’s Suffrage) and the author of the Kultura niepodległa kobiet action (Independent Women Culture). Since November 2018, she has served as a Councillor of the City of Kraków (she will have to resign from her function as a councillor given that it is not possible to combine this function with being employed in the Municipality).

She is Chair of the Kraków Council for Equal Treatment. As part of the Council’s activities, she co-organised numerous events such as the Human Rights Tram and co-authored a guide for people double-excluded during the pandemic. She initiated a resolution to set up a campaign to prevent violence against women, a resolution to create a breast cancer prevention programme for young women, and a programme of workshops on sex education for young people in Kraków schools.

She has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at increasing the accessibility of Kraków’s administration offices for the blind and visually impaired and at making public space more accessible for people with physical disabilities, as well as measures for the benefit of foreigners living in Kraków to increase the accessibility of Kraków’s cultural institutions and urban transport to their needs. She has organised many events and discussions promoting equality.

She holds a scholarship of the international program Humanity in Action and Advanced Leadership Program for Top Talents organised by the Center for Leadership.

Her tasks as mayor’s advisor include:

  • taking action, in agreement with the Deputy Mayor of the City of Kraków for social and municipal policy, to promote equality, social justice and universal participation in public, cultural, social and economic life, especially in areas such as religion, beliefs, nationality, gender, age or sexual orientation
  • initiating and creating local as well as international events related to equality and fundamental human rights
  • drafting and delivering opinions on draft legislation in the field of the principles of equal treatment and fundamental human rights
  • close cooperation with the organisational units of the Municipality of Kraków responsible for social policy, social communication, promotion of the city's policy and activities of the Mayor of the City of Kraków for equality and promotion of the idea of human rights and respect
  • monitoring the situation regarding respect for fundamental constitutional human rights in Kraków
  • drafting an equality action plan and anti-discrimination policy
  • establishing cooperation with non-governmental organisations and bodies and institutions working to combat various forms of discrimination
  • developing proposals for social programmes and campaigns to raise the level of public awareness of the anti-discrimination of various social groups.
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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2020-12-23
Last update: 2021-02-11

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