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UK Ambassador to Poland drives the tartan tram

On Monday 22 January British Ambassador to Poland Jonathan Knott visited a tram service station in Podgórze to see the tram decorated with Scottish tartan designed for Kraków. The ambassador himself requested to visit one of Kraków tram depots and was eager not only to take a photo against this special vehicle but also to have a go at driving it.

Photo MPK Kraków

Jonathan Knott admited that the design Kraków received from its partner city of Edinburgh is an attractive example of a working cooperation between two cities.

The tartan tram will appear on the lines 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 14, 19, and 20 and has been running on Kraków streets since January 1. It will be available for tourists and citizens to enjoy until the end of 2018.

The idea to promote the tartan design as a new symbol of Kraków is the result of a competition announced in October last year on Magiczny Kraków - official city website. David McGirr, the author of the winning idea to decorate a tram with the Kraków tartan motif, joined the UK ambassador during his visit at one of the MPK tram depots.

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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2018-01-25
Last update: 2018-04-30

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