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Nominate a Kraków Ambassador of Multiculturalism 2022 candidate

Do you know a person, organisation or institution working for intercultural dialogue? Register your candidate for the Kraków Ambassador of Multiculturalism 2022 competition by 30 June.

Ambasador Wielokulturowości 2022
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We announce a new edition of the competition which aims at supporting activities and initiatives promoting cultural, ethnic and religious diversity and the integration of the inhabitants of Kraków and international communities.

The title "Kraków Ambassador of Multiculturalism" is awarded annually by the Mayor of the City of Kraków at the request of the Multicultural Chapter, for the previous calendar year.

Apply for the title "Krakow Ambassador of Multiculturalism A.D. 2022" should be made by filling in the application form and submitting it as follows:

  • deliver the signed application to the office of the Department of Social Policy and Health of the Municipality of Kraków - ul. Dekerta 24, 30-703 Kraków - 3rd floor, secretary's office - room No. 08/segment B, or
  • send a scan of the signed application together with an editable version of the document to the Department's e-mail address: (writing in the subject line of the message: "Kraków Ambassador of Multiculturalism A.D. 2022"), or
  • via the Electronic Public Services Portal of the City of Kraków, or
  • traditionally by sending the application by post to: Department of Social Policy and Health of the Municipality of Kraków, Section for Multiculturalism, Social Projects and Equality Policy - ul. Dekerta, 30-703 Kraków with the note "Kraków Ambassador of Multiculturalism A.D. 2022". (compliance with the deadline is determined by the postmark, and not by the date on which the letter is placed in the letterbox).

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 June.

Additional information about the competition, as well as application forms, is available in the Public Information Bulletin, details can also be obtained by calling: 12 616 78 08, 12 616 78 09.

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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2023-06-06
Last update: 2023-06-30

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