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Take a tour of Kazimierz with our audioguide

For the last 10 months, we went together for 20 educational walks around the city organized by the Multicultural Centre in Krakow!

Take a trip around Kazimierz with our audioguide
Photo Multicultural Centre in Kraków

As part of the Multicultural Centre, we have made educational walks in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Spanish, English and Polish language. We visited Podgórze, Kazimierz, Nowa Huta, Garbary, Tyniec, the Schindler's Factory, the Krzysztofory Krakow Museum and more. We walked in the footsteps of women, the Muslim community, LGBTQ + community, Ukrainian and Belarusian communities, remembering World War II and Polish independence.

You couldn’t participate in the walks? Now you can also take a walk around the multicultural Kazimierz with the help of our audio guides. Audio guides in English, Russian and Ukrainian prepared by our favorite guides - Julia Wysocka and Paulina Skotnicka - are waiting for you below.

We invite you to discover the secrets of multicultural Krakow!


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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2022-01-05
Last update: 2022-01-19

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