Krakow opposes discrimination against LGBT communities

At the end of July 2020 Kraków’s Mayor Jacek Majchrowski sent a letter to mayors of foreign partner cities in which he declared Krakow's openness to the LGBT community and opposition to homophobia and other forms of discrimination.

Krakow opposes discrimination against LGBT communities

Measures taken by some Polish local governments against the LGBT community have become a hot topic of local debates and have also received wide publicity in the foreign media. The so-called "LGBT-free zones" introduced in several municipalities and regions of our country aroused the most extreme emotions also among Kraków's foreign partners Opposing this worrying trend and all attempts at discrimination, President Jacek Majchrowski first issued an ADDRESS to the residents of Krakow, followed by letters to mayors of foreign partner cities.

"I want to clearly emphasize that Krakow was, is and will be a city open to different cultures, views, beliefs and ways of life," wrote Jacek Majchrowski.

"Solidarity, tolerance and respect for everyone's rights are values that are part of our city's spiritual heritage, no less important than history or culture. We want to build the future of Krakow on its heritage, and we cannot imagine that these intentions lack the values that have defined the character of our city over the centuries (...) Everyone, including LGBT people, is welcome here. All are equal before the law, and in Krakow they can and should always feel at home.”

Mayor’s address was inspired by the first anniversary of Kraków’s Equality Council. The body gathers city councillors, officials, representatives of universities, as well as various associations and communities focused on equality. Their task is to counteract all forms of discrimination and build a dialogue free from exclusion, humiliation or discrimination.

The positive reactions the city has been receiving from its foreign partners and local diplomats prove that Krakow's activities are bringing the expected results. A cordial letter from the partner city of Leuven (Belgium) with rainbow flag attached is a just one example of the international support Kraków has been getting.



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