Kraków is among the greenest cities in Europe

Kraków came fifth in the „Green Capital of Europe 2022” contest finals. The finalists were: Tallin, Grenoble, Dijon and Torino. There were 18 European metropolises running for the title.

Kraków is among the greenest cities in Europe

– This is our success, many beautifull European cities like: Lyon, Parma, Perugia, Sofia, Zagrzeb, Maribor, Murcia, Budapest, Pecs, Belgrad as well as Katowice, Gdańsk and Poznań in Poland were listed after Krakow. It convinces me that our path of development is the right one, and the evaluation of Krakow's application gives us the credit to take part in this prestigious contest next year – said Mayor Jacek Majchrowski.

Cities received scores in 12 categories: climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, sustainable urban mobility, sustainable land use, biodiversity, air quality, noise, waste, water quality, eco-innovations, energy efficiency and governance. Krakow received the highest score from all the participants in water quality category.

In November 2019 Krakow qualified to the group of 18 candidates aspiring to the title of „Green Capital of Europe 2022”. It was a clear signal that our actions aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens are in line with the long term strategy required for modern cities – underlined Piotr Kempf, Head of Municipal Greenery Authority in Kraków.

Between end of May and beginning of June 2020 the jury will decide which of the four finalists will be awarded the title of “Green Capital of Europe 2022”. Apart from that, every city that has taken part in the contest will receive recommendations concerning the actions already taken as well as advice and directions relating to the future undertakings.
According to the current prognosis, in 2030 over 60% of Earth population will be living in cities and therefore, be most prone to the consequences of climate change. A record number of European cities in this year`s edition of the contest shows growing awareness of that process and the need to take actions to slow it down.

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