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Exchange of experience and good practices implemented in historical cities, solutions for the development of tourism were some of the issues discussed during the first edition of Historical Cites 3.0 conference held on 1-2 March at the ICE Krakow Convention Centre.

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The constantly increasing present-day tourist traffic means that the processes of the city functioning and the development of local entrepreneurship should lead to limiting the conflicts caused by the development of the tourist function, even at the price of its reduction. The fact that the urban layout of historical cities has limited capacity means that tourism management is becoming increasingly more difficult as it has to take into account the diversity of stakeholders and their points of view.

The conference was aimed at local governments, non-governmental organizations and the tourism industry and the program included three discussion panels preceded by case studies of Amsterdam, Bregenz and Edinburgh.

Motto of the conference: I am lucky to live where others can visit only for a moment…



Thanks to their centuries-old heritage, coherent image and a strong tourist offer, historic cities strengthen the identity of their residents, integrate the economies of their regions and build the brands of their countries. Most of the innovations are created there and the cities’ economies tend to be bigger than the economies of some countries.


The number 3.0 used in the title of the conference is connected with the latest concept of marketing and, in fact, management. The concept focuses not on the product but on solving problems, not on offering services but on improving life and understanding oneself. The product or service is to meet not only material but also emotional expectations. Marketing 3.0 allows you to jointly create product success, encouraging customers, employees, business partners and residents to act. Changes in the value system and the use of technology have also resulted in the emergence of a new tourism model 2.0, and cities are looking for their route to sustainable development.

See photos from the event: OTOFoto Kronika Miasta Krakowa

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Published: 2018-03-05
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