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Kraków Entrepreneur Support Centre

The Kraków Entrepreneur Support Centre has been assisting local businesses for nearly 17 years. Our "one-stop shop" was established to help Kraków's entrepreneurs deal with most matters related to setting up and running a business in one place. The centre saves a businessman multiple trips to numerous institutions and is the first and only municipal establishment of this kind in Poland.

Photo foto: PxHere
foto: PxHere

The on-site stands of the Social Insurance Institution (Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych) and the Central Statistical Office (Główny Urzad Statystyczny) provide information and a number of services related to setting up a business.

The center also offers free–of-charge counselling. Visitors may seek advice and consultation from specialists representing:

  • Technology Transfer Centre of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków,
  • Technology Transfer Centre of the Kraków University of Technology,
  • Małopolska Branch of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers,
  • Regional Bar Association.

The center’s website ( features an on-site appointment booking tool, provides comprehensive information on administrative procedures and, even more importantly, offers direct access to business registration and certification services.

The website, designed to ensure easy access and functionality, enjoys great popularity with Krakovians and has been visited by 1.8 million users to date.

In 2018, a new tool was incorporated onto the website. Virtual Clerk, is an AI- based tool facilitating information search. It supports visitors seeking information on procedures and requirements regarding business activity conducted in Kraków. The tool was introduced to improve communication and cooperation between the town hall and the local entrepreneurs. It is particularly useful, as new business are often set up by young entrepreneurs with whom electronic services enjoy great popularity. The tool, providing quick and easy access to vital information, operates 24/7 and has both a mobile and an English language version.

In 2021, the center launched a dedicated Facebook fanpage. It features current information on setting up and running of businesses, as well announcements on local events. Yet another communication channel for the local business community, the fanpage allows its users to ask a quick question, access information or book a meeting with a specialist.

Learn and train with the Kraków Entrepreneur Support Centre

Since 2007, the Kraków Entrepreneur Support Centre has been running a comprehensive information and promotional campaign on how to set up a business in Kraków. Targeted at young entrepreneurs and conducted in cooperation with local universities, the campaign is a unique opportunity to combine academic education and hands-on experience.

The aim of the campaign is to stimulate and support young businesspeople who, superbly educated, industrious and creative as they may be, are often discouraged with the bureaucratic complexities involved in setting up and running a business. These challenges are addressed in a presentation cycle entitled "6 reasons why it is worth starting a business in Krakow" featured in the campaign.

Numbers attest to the projects popularity: between 2007 and 2020, it resulted in 496 presentations, attended by 1.717 people.

From its very beginnings, the Kraków Entrepreneur Support Centre and its services have been appreciated and valued by the Kraków business community. The “one stop shop” concept, on which it runs, is perceived as a convenient and time-saving and as such presented as an example to follow by other Polish municipalities. An anonymous satisfaction survey conducted by the center in 2020 showed that 97.04 % of its visitors were satisfied with services and information offered.


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Published: 2021-04-22
Last update: 2021-04-22