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Our city takes part in the LIFE-IP EKOMAŁOPOLSKA Implementing the Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolska Region project.

The Regional Action Plan for Climate and Energy for the Małopolska Region (RAPCE) has been designed to face one of the most critical global problems being the climate change as well as the urgent need to adapt to its consequences.  LIFE-IP EKOMAŁOPOLSKA project will allow the implementation of the plan thanks to the actions taken to compensate the institutional shortcomings. Employment of Advisors for Climate and Environment (ACE) in 21 districts in the Małopolska Region will significantly stimulate the exchange of valuable information and best practice in the entire region. This action will lead to mobilisation of both public and private financing for climate protection and climate change mitigation related investments. LIFE-IP EKOMAŁOPOLSKA project engages various partners: self-governments, private sector and residents to take priority actions outlined in the RAPCE. It foresees  co-action not only at the regional, interregional and national level (with the involvement of the Ministry of Development, Labour and Science and the Ministry for Climate and Environment) but also international cooperation with universities.  The project is designed as a catalyst, initiating, upscaling and boosting actions taken to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Małopolska Region was the first region in Poland to adopt a plan of actions specifically aimed at  climate change mitigation. It is innovative because of its integrated approach, engaging interested parties at the regional, district and commune level.  Participation in the project addressing such a large area is unprecedented in Poland. Until now, similar actions have been taken on limited, local scale without the ability to control, make inventory and share experience and knowledge between self-governments. Taking part in this project enhances those possibilities and mobilizes all interested parties to undertake joint actions towards climate protection and climate change mitigation.               

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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-03-12
Last update: 2021-03-12