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In cooperation with EIT Climate-KIC our city is participating in the ZERO-EMISSSIONS KRAKÓW project, carried out as part of the “Deep Demonstration of Healthy & Clean Cities” programme.

The project is designed to implement the process that would lead to the desired goal when Kraków stops contributing to climate change and in result puts an end to the negative impact of climate change on the life quality in the  city.
The aim of the project is to achieve net-zero emissions. This ambitious objective will be reached by developing and testing solutions successfully leading to climate neutrality of Kraków, engaging a wide range of interested parties including self-government, business, NGO’s, educational institutions but most of all, the residents.
The project is carried out in cooperation with international partners and with support from the following  companies and organizations sharing their knowledge and experience with Kraków: The Democratic Society (non-profit organization that works for more inclusive and dialogue based democracy), Material Economics (a managing and consulting company specializing in issues connected with sustainable development and resources strategy), Bankers without Boundaries (social enterprise in the finances sector) and Dark Matter Lab.

The project would involve identifying a few critical areas (bottlenecks) in the city,  such areas will be thoroughly analysed in following years and a list of potential solutions addressing each of them, will be developed to enable the achievement of climate neutrality. Some chosen solutions will be tested during the pilot programmes and the obtained results will contribute to engineer Kraków’s transition to climate neutrality strategy.  

ZERO-EMISSSIONS KRAKÓW Project Conference Agenda     

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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-03-12
Last update: 2021-03-15