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What is the song in Nanjing’s heart?

Nanjing is the former capital of China and one of the country's most important industrial centers. It is also an important scientific and cultural center. The city has the Nanjing University, a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an astronomical observatory. This great Chinese metropolis also revealed to us its musical personality.

  • Hello, Nanjing

Hello, Nanjing features popular and smooth music language, orchestration techniques that combine symphonic and popular elements, as well as passionate tension and profound connotations. The song is a paean to Nanjing, a historical and cultural city full of vibrancy. Characterized by its concise melody, the song is easy to sing and easy to remember. The first several phrases raise questions in children’s chorus, arousing listeners’ curiosity and yearning for Nanjing. The song condenses the essence of Nanjing into concise words, showing the artistic ingenuity of the lyricist. Hello, Nanjing has been performed many times in major festivals in Nanjing after its release, and it has been broadcasted on radio, television and other media, receiving recognition from a large audience.


  • Jinling Chanson

Jinling Chanson was written for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games. The work combines the cultural characteristics of Nanjing with the European musical form "Chanson". Written in first person, the song proudly presents Nanjing's landscape, culture and rapid development in these years, featuring a romantic and relaxed style. The work was funded as Nanjing's key literary and artistic work, and won the 10th Chinese Golden Bell Award for Music in 2015, the first prize in Jiangsu Digital Music Competition, etc.

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Published: 2021-03-08
Last update: 2021-03-08