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Support for cultural activities carried out in regenerated areas

  1. "Neighbours’ Picnic - Backyard concerts" („Piknik po sąsiedzku – Koncerty podwórkowe”) The project was implemented in October 2020 by the Wszyscy Obecni Foundation. Due to the pandemic, the project was conducted without an open tender.

    The project’s main objective was to facilitate in-person meetings of Krakovians residing in the regenerated area of Old Town-Kazimierz. The Foundation prepared concerts performed in the courtyards of tenement houses. The invited audience participated while seated on balconies, looking out of flat windows or staying in the courtyard (social distance maintained).

    On the one hand, the project enabled residents to safely stay in touch with their neighbours and artists. On the other hand it ensured live contact with culture and music, which had been difficult, if not impossible, since March 2020. It also provided financial support for the artists.
  2. From August to November 2020, the Wszyscy Obecni Foundation also carried out a project entitled "Gallery next door"(„Galeria po sąsiedzku”) to add live to the public spaces of the Old Town- Kazimierz. An open-air photo exhibition, summarising the activities of the Foundation and its cooperation with the residents of Wietor and Chmielowskiego streets, encouraged small neighbourly meetings and maintaining interpersonal contacts (with social distance maintained) despite the pandemic.
  3. In addition, thanks to our small grants programme (field: regeneration), several online workshops were carried out. These included: a neighbourhood weaving workshop, children’s art workshops, natural cosmetics making workshop, as well as practical talks and classes on servicing bicycles and creation of upcycled Christmas decorations.
  4. Support for academic projects during the pandemic. Despite the pandemic, Kraków carried out activities supporting the local academic community planned for 2020. These focused on exchange of thoughts, ideas, as well as scientific and research solutions, including those related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the Kraków Scientific Conferences programme, the Municipality financially supported the Neoronus Forum online event, which took place on 8-11.12.2020, and discussed, among other topics, the impact of COVID-19 on the modern world.
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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-02-19
Last update: 2021-02-19