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Mapping tools

As part of the pandemic support scheme, the Municipal Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department creates mapping tools to help entrepreneurs who continue to provide and offer their products and services despite the challenging circumstances. Currently, three mapping projects are being implemented, targeting both entrepreneurs (participants) and residents (recipients) from Kraków and the surrounding area.


Kraków is a Polish pioneer in using mapping tools on such a large scale. By creating interactive and effective solutions based on advanced geographical information systems, the city supports entrepreneurs and makes sure the quality of life in Kraków improves.

  1. „WE ARE OPEN” („Jestem AKTYWNY”) - map of Kraków's entrepreneurs.
    The tool, launched in April 2020, is intended for every company or individual running a business in Kraków. The aim is to present the offer of local entrepreneurs who are particularly affected by the restrictions to our local residents. Applications are made via a short questionnaire. Restaurants and catering business are automatically listed on another map dedicated to Kraków's food scene.
  2. Kraków’s Food Scene Map („Branża gastronomiczna w Krakowie” )
    Launched in October 2020, the tool features restaurants, cafés, patisseries, bistros and other similar businesses operating in Kraków despite the coronavirus pandemic. All registered entities are simultaneously listed on the WE ARE OPEN map, which features Kraków-based entrepreneurs regardless of their business profile. Applications are made via a short questionnaire.
  3. Online Map of  Holiday Specials

    The interactive tool was created for residents of Kraków and the surrounding area, as well as entrepreneurs, craftsmen, handicraftsmen and others offering holiday-themed products and services. It is activated in weeks preceding major holidays like Christmas or Easter and encourages Krakovians to do their holiday shopping with the local sellers and artisans.

    The Christmas map was available from 27.11.2020 to 6.01.2021. Applications were made via a short questionnaire not linked to other mapping tools. The map featured photos and graphics presenting a business’ offer, e.g. a collage of different products, a Christmas menu, examples of vouchers, etc.

    The Easter version, active from 15.03.2021 until the end of April, additionally featured holiday recipes, trivia on local Easter traditions, as well as inspiring. stories of the local craftsmen.


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News Publisher: Otwarty na świat EN
Published: 2021-02-19
Last update: 2021-04-22