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PAUZA Programme

In light of the challenging situation of shops, service and catering establishments, carriers and other local businesses, the Mayor of Kraków took steps to facilitate their functioning in the pandemic introducing the "PAUZA" programme. Its assumptions are defined in Mayor's Ordinance 910/2020 of 16 April 2020.

Photo Jan Graczyński
Jan Graczyński

The programme involved reductions in local fees and taxes, fees for road lane occupation, rental of business premises, property lease, as well as a number of support measures for open air markets. As the pandemic continues, the programme is being updated to offer new solutions for entrepreneurs, residents, NGOs or cultural institutions.

Currently, the following measures are available:

  1. Reductions in taxes and charges constituting the income of the Municipality of Kraków for taxpayers entitled to public aid. These may take the form of:
    - remission of tax arrears and late payment interests,
    - extension of payment deadlines for taxes or tax arrears, including late payment interest,
    - payment by instalment of taxes or tax arrears, including late payment interest.
  2. Relief in the repayment of monetary debts resulting from civil law contracts that Kraków Municipality is a party to.
  3. Reduction of net rent rate for business premises owned by the Municipality of Kraków or the State Treasury to the level of operating costs. Available to tenants of business premises who have been banned from conducting business activity due to the pandemic.
  4. Reliefs regarding payment of rent for entities suffering due to limited tourist traffic. These include: extended payment date, write-offs or division into instalments.
  5. Changes to contract delivery dates, including:
  • refraining from concluding the contract (following a successful application);
  • early termination of contracts (reduced contract length);
  • annexes reducing floor area of real estate rented or occupation time.

Full information about PAUZA programme available HERE

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Published: 2021-02-19
Last update: 2021-02-19