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What is the song in the heart of Orléans?

Orléans is a city situated on the Loire, in the centre of France. Surrounded by smaller towns, it forms a metropolis and presents itself as an important industrial and service centre.

The city is undeniably linked to and associated with the figure of Joan of Arc. The heroine is its symbol, the patron saint of the city and the country, and a saint of the Catholic Church. In 1429, she repulsed an English army besieging Orléans. Joan of Arc is celebrated to this day in various fields of art, including songs which we present in this section.

Listen to the musical identity of Orléans!

  • "Cantate à l’étendard"
  • The song "Jeanne" by the French singer Laurent Voulzy
  • "Le carillon de Vendôme"

You can read more information and interesting facts about Orléans HERE

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Published: 2021-02-18
Last update: 2021-02-19