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What is the song in the heart of Saint Petersburg?

The legendary city on the Neva River, built by Tsar Peter the Great, is the cultural capital of Russia and a symbol of its heritage. A city of excellent museums, theatres and unique monuments. St. Petersburgians themselves call their home the “Paris of the North” and enjoy composing songs about St. Petersburg.

  • «Мой Петербург» - My Petersburg

Music - Yakov Dubravin
Lyrics - Oleg Chuprov

Download original lyrics (Russian)

Composer Yakov Dubravin belongs to the plethora of graduates of the famous Russian Leningrad (St. Petersburg) Glinka Choral College at the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella. Many people associate this artist only as the author of popular songs, but his repertoire of works is more extensive. He composed 2 musicals, an operetta, 6 cantatas, 15 vocal cycles, film and television scores, music for theatre and circus performances, radio and television programs, stage compositions for symphony orchestras, instrumental ensembles and - of course - choirs. 

Songs composed by Dubravin are among the first recordings of the famous Russian singer Irina Ponarovskaya (Иринa Понаровская). It was by performing these songs that she won international song contests in Germany “Dresden-1975” (first prize) and Poland “Sopot-1975” (Grand Prix). Among the performers of Dubravin’s works is the opera star and Grammy winner Ildar Abdrazakov.

The composer’s portfolio includes many pieces dedicated to his beloved city, where the maestro was born and which served throughout his life.

In the song "My St. Petersburg" the composer with incredible precision depicted the grandeur and majesty of St. Petersburg, and at the same time - tenderness and love for his native land, native city.

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Published: 2021-02-03
Last update: 2021-02-03