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Conference on sustainable architecture at Cracow University of Technology

On 19-20 April 2024, the Chair of Housing Environment at Cracow University of Technology will host the 6th International Scientific Conference on the challenges facing sustainable architecture.

The process of transformation of the living environment is continuous. The evolution of civilisation brings new challenges, opens up previously unavailable opportunities, is an impetus for change and a field for experimentation. The development of urban structures/networks in the near future will be determined by the continuing population growth on a global scale and the climate change scenario, which may trigger strong waves of migration. These phenomena will require interventions, including the creation of temporary habitats.

At the global level, the sustainable development goals for housing are to ensure the availability of housing in the broadest sense and to improve the quality of the housing environment in all its elements. The idea of a sustainable housing environment is to strive for a balance between all factors relevant to the process of shaping living conditions in the place where people live. These are spatial, technical, economic and socio-cultural factors, the nature and extent of which vary from one country/region to another.

In response to these objectives, a new canon of design has been created, a series of technical, technological and material solutions have been developed that enrich the language of architectural form and detail and, importantly, reduce energy and water consumption, waste and pollution in buildings. Social relations are also changing at all levels. In recent decades, the idea of sustainable development has led to significant achievements in the fields of construction, urban planning and architecture. 

The aim of the conference is to discuss the current problems of creating a sustainable housing environment and the ways of influencing the factors that determine it, against the background of the research achievements of the Chair of Housing Environment at the Cracow University of Technology. The conference will be divided into two sessions: the first session will be devoted to the aims, methods and results of the research on the housing environment carried out by the current team of the Chair of Housing Environment over the past 50 years, and the second session will be devoted to the ways of transforming the housing environment in the face of contemporary challenges.  

More details can be found on the website https://kksm2024konf.pk.edu.pl/