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British Event in Kraków

On Thursday evening, 1 June, in the Gallery of 19th century Polish Art in the Cloth Hall, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland H.E. Anna Clunes and Mayor of Kraków Jacek Majchrowski hosted the event celebrating the recent coronation of their Majesties British King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Before commencement of the celebration, the residents and visitors to Kraków could listen to a couple of traditional Scottish tunes played by a piper, Lindsay Davidson, from the terrace of the Cloth Hall. It was a meaningful artistic accent reminding of the partnership bonds between Kraków and Edinburgh.

Mayor Jacek Majchrowski greeted the guests and in his welcome speech underlined the significance of cooperation between the two cities. He also referred to the jointly completed projects  of which the most spectacular example of friendship was the unique gift from Edinburgh to Kraków - the tartan for Kraków - of which you can learn more visiting: https://www.krakow.pl/krakow_open_city/215942,artykul,_scottishtartanforkrakow.html

In return, Kraków offered to Edinburgh a special recipe for a bagel  containing specific Scottish ingredients.

Madam Ambassador pointed out that Edinburgh is a city of special importance to the Royal Family and she particularly appreciates the fact that the event celebrating the coronation of the British Monarch could take place in the beautiful partner city of Kraków. The hosts of the event reminded that His Majesty King Charles III, when still successor to the throne, visited the capital of Małopolska three times (in 1993, 2002 and 2008).

Participating in the event were, among others, diplomats, MPs, representatives of regional and province authorities from southern and eastern Poland, representatives of academic circles, the community of art and culture as well as NGO`s. 

On the occasion of the event Kraków`s Main Market Square was decorated with British flags and coronation emblems, and for a couple of days the public can see the prepared by the British Embassy open air exhibition devoted to the visits paid to our country by His Majesty King Charles III when still heir to the throne of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.  

The photos from the event are available at OTOFoto Kronika Miasta Krakowa