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Christmas Market returns to the Main Square

After a year's break due to the coronavirus pandemic, the traditional Christmas Market has returned to the Main Square. The fair started on 26 November and will last until 2 January 2022.

“It is a place where you can find a Christmas gift for every budget. After a successful shopping experience, everyone can enjoy refreshments at the food stalls and stop by the stage to admire artistic performances.

The Christmas Market, which we have been organising for over 30 years, stems from the trading traditions of the Main Market Square and for over a quarter of a century has become a permanent feature of Kraków’s pre-Christmas landscape. It has enjoyed enduring popularity with both Cracovians and tourists visiting our city from Poland and abroad, which is confirmed by articles published in many media from all over the world,” says one of the organisers.

This year merchants from all over Poland will present their goods at 68 kiosks. We will also host merchants from Lithuania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Hungary, who will sell, among other things, cold cuts, cheese and sausages, bread, jewellery made of fabric and wood, handicraft made of flax and wool, souvenirs, ceramics, etc.

The organisers have made several fair stands available, intended for partner cities and charitable institutions. This year’s partner cities presenting their offer on the Main Square are Kiev and Lviv. This year’s Christmas Market will be accompanied by many artistic events. It will be decorated with live Christmas trees from spruce plantations, and illuminated with warm white lights.

It is worth remembering the fact that the Christmas Market in Kraków has gained a high reputation in Poland and in the world, as evidenced by many industry distinctions, including the “Teraz Polska” emblem received in 2017. In 2012, CNN Travel announced Kraków as the best place to spend Christmas, inviting visitors to the nativity scene competition and fair. In 2019, the Kraków fair was ranked among the 10 most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe by the Travelist portal.