górne tło

Kraków lights up green in solidarity with refugees

On Saturday 6 November residents across Poland lit green lights in their windows for one hour - a symbol of support for migrants and refugees joining the "Mothers to the Border. Children's place is not in the forest!" innitiative. The civic initiative #matkinagranice was also joined by the Municipality of Kraków, which illuminated the Father Bernatek footbridge in green.

The #matkinagranice initiative, supported by the Lower Silesian Congress of Women, the Women's Rights Centre, the Pink Box and Równik Praw, was born in response to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. Social activists and volunteers, but also Polish local authorities, are joining forces to draw attention to the fate of refugees, including children, held in undignified conditions in the border forests.  

Green lights were the first to be lit in the windows of the Podlasie region - as a signal of readiness to help and save human lives. The participation of local authorities in the campaign shows that their small homelands cultivate traditional Polish hospitality, and that human rights are important to them.